Chlor-Alkali Industry

    Analyzers for the chlorine industry

Process analysis on chlor alkali plants is critical, both for the integrity of the process and the safety of personnel and environment.

Brine is used to produce chlorine, a highly corrosive gas, hydrogen, a highly inflammable gas, and caustic soda, a strongly alkaline solution. Additionally, hydrogen and chlorine are a highly explosive mixture.

Most analyzers are not built to withstand the aggressive, corrosive atmosphere on chlorine plants.
Richard Newberry International has good experience supplying analyzer systems to chlorine plants around the world and good relationships with top manufacturers in this field.

Hydrogen in chlorine analyzer systems are available for ‘wet’ chlorine, ‘dry’ chlorine and ‘tail’ or ‘sniff’ gas.

Trace moisture analyzer systems, portable and fixed, for chlorine and hydrogen chloride plants.

Even a relatively simple measurement such as pH is made difficult by highly concentrated brines. Specialist probes need to be used to achieve good lifetimes.

Online monitoring of calcium and magnesium in brine, also other brine and chlor alkali effluent analytes.

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Rest assured, RNI only offers analyzers designed specifically for chlor alkali plant use.

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